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Supplier platform / extranet uploads

Supplier must upload requested details / images / options used for the booking and financial backend as well as public website page/s. Product page details to be approved by SAFARI2GO before being posted to the SAFARI2GO website. Responsibility of the supplier to keep company and property details updated and correct.


SAFARI2GO shall be entitled to charge a [16%] Commission (Value Added Tax inclusive) on each booking fully paid. These fees are payable to SAFARI2GO in the manner stipulated in the Payment Terms set out hereafter.

Charge Backs

Chargeback amount is charged to Supplier by SAFARI2GO. Supplier to cover total chargeback amount and any additional (5%) fee/s. SAFARi2GO can withhold future funds to settle this. SAFARi2GO and Supplier will endeavor to adhere to chargeback claims as best possible.

Booking Modifications and Cancellations

The Parties agree that bookings made via SAFARI2GO shall be capable of modification by the guest on the platform and that such modifications may affect the value of the booking; The Parties agree further that the supplier chosen cancellation policy displayed on the customer booking confirmation dictates the refund amount to be processed and paid to guests within five working days of the cancellation request.

Payment Terms

Customer payments are facilitated by SAFARI2GO. Total booking amount less commission is paid to the supplier. The Supplier authorizes SAFARI2GO to collect and receive advance payments for bookings on behalf of the Supplier. The Supplier acknowledges and agrees that any bookings made via SAFARI2GO will not be processed/confirmed by SAFARI2GO before full payment is received by SAFARI2GO from the guest for the relevant booking. The guest will be charged full payment of the listed value of the booking in advance which has been marked up with the commission due to SAFARI2GO. SAFARI2GO shall invoice the Supplier for the Commission fee and the Supplier authorises SAFARI2GO to retain this Commission fee by setting it off against any advance deposits or payments for bookings due to the Supplier. Any payments due to the Supplier shall be effected only after presentation of the aforementioned invoice from the Supplier.

Standard Policy

SAFARI2GO reserves the right to impose standard/uniform customer policies on its booking platform. These include but are not limited to children’s policy, check-in and check-out times, etc. The Supplier shall be notified of these standard policies in the Website Guidelines during the onboarding process.

Exchange Rate Risk

Please take note that our trading currency is the Namibian Dollar (NAD). The Supplier bears the liability for any fluctuations in the exchange rate where relevant.


SAFARI2GO will issue (cancellation / amendment) refunds to guests according to the cancellation policy noted on the customer booking confirmation at the time of booking. . The full refund amounts remain the responsibility of the supplier. Refunds are calculated on the rack rate charged. All refunds paid on behalf of the supplier is to be paid to Safaro2Go on a 30 day (monthly) basis. Refunds are processed and paid in our trading currency. Any fluctuations in the exchange rate or bank charges levied on the refund payment will be at the Supplier’s sole risk and liability. Please note further that the Bank of Namibia requires certain documents to be presented to their satisfaction before a foreign account refund can be processed and paid. Unfortunately, we have little control over this process other than ensuring, with your cooperation that these requirements are met for this process.

Supplier Obligations / Warranties

Registered Supplier - The Supplier warrants that it is duly registered and authorised to provide the listed services to the public in accordance with the legal requirements and regulations applicable to the Supplier from time to time. True Representation of the Standard of the Listing- The Supplier warrants that the standard and quality of the listing as represented in the information and images obtained from the Supplier is a true and accurate representation of the listed property(ies) and/or service. Any claims due to fraudulent or misleading representation of the listing shall remain the sole liability and risk of the Supplier and may entitle SAFARI2GO to terminate the Supplier Agreement with immediate effect.

Guest Experience

The Supplier shall remain responsible for the guest experience for the duration of the guests’ utilization of the listing. The Supplier shall not differentiate its service between guests booked through SAFARI2GO and guests booked otherwise and shall ensure through actions within its control, that the guest experience is satisfactory at all times.

Guest Complaints

The Supplier shall be responsible for responding to guest complaints relating to the Supplier’s listing in a fair and expedient manner. Any refunds to the guest, necessitated from the guest’s unsatisfactory experience shall be duly made at the sole cost and liability of the Supplier. Any reimbursements due to SAFARI2GO as a result of such refunds shall be invoiced to the Supplier.

Liability Insurance

The Supplier warrants that it has in force applicable, relevant and sufficient liability insurance cover and indemnifies SAFARI2GO for any liability arising out of the provision of service in respect of the Suppliers listings on SAFARI2GO.

Electronic Transaction Act 4 of 2019 (Namibia)

All electronic transactions entered into by SAFARI2GO shall be governed by the Electronic Transactions Act 4 of 2019 as promulgated and enforced in the Namibian territory.

Dispute Resolution

Should any dispute arise between SAFARI2GO and the Supplier regarding the application and enforcement of the terms of this Supplier Agreement; and the parties have attempted to resolve the dispute amicably between themselves without successful resolution, both Parties agree that the dispute shall be referred for dispute resolution in accordance with the dispute resolution mechanisms available in Namibian law from time to time.

Data Usage and Protection

Our position on the usage and protection of client information and data can be accessed here;

Cession, Assignment, Non-waver

No latitude, extension of time or other indulgence which may be given or allowed to the Supplier in respect of the performance of any obligation in this Agreement, and no delay or forbearance in the enforcement of any right arising from this Agreement, and no single or partial exercise of any right under this Agreement, shall in any circumstances be construed to be an implied consent or election by SAFARI2GO or operate as a waiver or a novation of or otherwise affect any of SAFARI2GO’s rights in terms of or arising from this Agreement or estop or preclude SAFARI2GO from enforcing at any time and without notice, strict and punctual compliance with each and every provision or term hereof.

Amendment of Supplier Agreement

Any amendment, addition or alteration of this Supplier Agreement shall be reduced to writing and the Supplier shall be duly notified of such amendment, addition or alteration as the case may be by the preferred means and platform chosen by SAFARI2GO from time to time.


The SAFARI2GO communications platform is provided for all Guest / Supplier correspondence. Supplier must agree to reply/answer customer queries and requests in a timely and considerate manner.

Comencent, Durantion and Termination of Agreement

This Supplier Agreement shall commence on the date communicated to the Supplier as the Effective Date following SAFARI2GO’s processing of this Supplier Agreement and product page approval. This Supplier Agreement shall remain in effect for a period of 12 months from the Effective Date and shall terminate automatically on expiry unless renewed for a further period of 12 months by SAFARI2GO. (Que to accept terms online?) This Supplier Agreement shall be terminated on provision of one calendar month’s prior written notice by either party to the other or as otherwise provided in this Supplier Agreement. On termination of this Supplier Agreement, the listed property(ies) of the Supplier shall be removed from the SAFARI2GO site and booking system with effect immediately on expiry of the termination notice period; In the event of any unfulfilled obligations in terms of this Supplier Agreement at the date of termination, the Parties shall endeavor to meet those unfulfilled obligations in accordance with the provisions of this Supplier Agreement or as agreed between the parties otherwise.

Eligibility, Use of Platform, Account Registration

The Supplier shall become eligible and entitled to use of the SAFARI2GO platform on the Effective Date. The Supplier shall submit the requested information / Documents / Images during the registration of its Profile. The Supplier expressly consents and provides SAFARI2GO authorized access to the Supplier’s Nightsbridge account to confirm alignment of rates, availability and information as required.

Supplier Profile Content

The Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that up-to-date and accurate information is reflected on the platform relating to its listed property/ies in accordance with the Website Guidelines annexed hereto; SAFARI2GO reserves the right to delay listing of the Supplier’s property(ies) on the platform until the listed information is presented to the satisfaction of SAFARI2GO. Safari2Go reserves the right to amend property descriptions according to SEO and brand aesthetic needs maintaining product integrity. SAFARI2GO makes no warranties with regard to the order of display of listings on the SAFARI2GO system. Rates offered by SAFARI2GO for listings shall be in accordance with the Applicable Rate as contained in the Website Guidelines agreed to between the Supplier and SAFARI2GO from time to time. These rates will be pulled from the supplier’s Nights bridge listing. The Supplier warrants to offer live availability of rooms and shall be responsible for the accurate management of listing availability and rates on the SAFARI2GO booking platform.

Usage and Ownership of Intellectual Property

The Supplier warrants its lawful right and due authorization over the intellectual property utilised and provided to SAFARI2Go for the purposes of giving effect to this agreement. The Supplier shall authorise SAFARI2GO to utilise the intellectual property of the Supplier as provided by the Supplier to SAFARI2GO or as otherwise obtained by SAFARI2GO for the purposes of giving effect to this agreement. The Supplier shall retain its rights of ownership to any of the intellectual property of the Supplier provided to SAFARI2GO for the purposes and duration of this Supplier Agreement. The Supplier indemnifies SAFARI2GO against claims by the Supplier or any third-party for any damage, loss or liability arising out of the unintentional misuse of the intellectual property provided by the Supplier.

Safari2Go Property Visits

SAFARI2GO might request a property visit for educational, inspection or content creation purposes. The supplier must agree to accommodate such visits at a FOC basis.

All Policies

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