Canyon Roadhouse Campsite

From USD: 15.075536

per person per night
Nature lovers are right on this campsite with lawn and shade trees. A quick visit to the bar or restaurant of the Canyon Roadhouse takes you back to the good old days of the automobile. There is also a swimming pool that is available to camping guests.

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Health and Safety

  • tick icon Fire Extinguishers
  • tick icon 24 Hour Security
  • tick icon Sanitizing Stations
  • tick icon Social Distancing Practices

Property Activities

  • tick icon Walking Trails
  • tick icon Hiking
  • tick icon Star Gazing
  • tick icon Swimming
  • tick icon Photography

Property Facilities

  • tick icon Restaurant
  • tick icon Bar
  • tick icon Curio Shop
  • tick icon Guest Parking
  • tick icon No pets
  • tick icon Swimming pool
  • tick icon Disabled friendly

Room Facilities

  • tick icon Electricity port
  • tick icon Communal bathroom


  • tick icon Barbeque facility


  • tick icon Water-efficient toilets
  • tick icon Water-efficient showers
  • tick icon Recycling bins
  • tick icon Sustainable waste practice
  • tick icon Food waste policy
  • tick icon Community and sustainability project contribution
  • tick icon Green Spaces

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